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Get Ready For A December Of Chaos With Aaron Rodgers

Photo: Mike Mulholland

Witnessing the abysmal play from Falcons QB Marcus Mariota on Thursday Night Football against the Panthers, Jason Smith and Mike Harmon begin to ponder how long it’ll be before Aaron Rodgers gets benched for QB Jordan Love. The Packers sit 2nd in the NFC North with a 3-6 record and Jason and Mike explain why Green Bay needs to find out what they have in Jordan Love, especially with Rodgers’ uncertain future hanging in the balance.

Jason Smith: “If you’re the Packers, you kind of have to see Jordan Love play at some point. With every passing day, the Packers future is away from Aaron Rodgers. There’s no money to sign more players, you let Davante Adams go, and you’re probably going to have an early draft pick. This is a huge deal, so get ready for a chaos of December with Aaron Rodgers.”
Mike Harmon: “With Aaron Rodgers, we’ve watched the last couple of years and they’ve won big in the regular season only to make bad decisions in the playoffs. For deciding what to do at the end of the season, we'll just have to see, either way it all just brings chaos in Green Bay.”