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The Nets Should Cut Their Losses And Trade Kyrie Irving To The Lakers

Photo: Stacy Revere

Dan is amazed that the Brooklyn Nets odds to win a championship are so good considering the drama surrounding the team. The major, but not only source of that drama being Kyrie Irving, and deciding whether or not to let him return to the court. Dan figures it is past time for the Nets move on and trade the problematic superstar.

 Dan Patrick: “Do I think Kyrie plays for them? If I’m Kevin Durant, if I’m the Nets, if I’m Jacque Vaughn, you know what? Great talent, but he’s just not worth it, because he giveth and he taketh way. And maybe this is where the Lakers go, ‘Well, we’ll take him. You don’t want him, what do you want for him?’ Maybe. But at some point, you gotta just say, let’s cut our losses here.”