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Will Westbrook And Two First Round Picks Be Enough for Bradley Beal?

Photo: Jess Rapfogel

Sports Illustrated Senior NBA Writer Howard Beck joins Chris Broussard and Ephraim Salaam to discuss all things surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers. Beck dispelled rumors that the Lakers refused to seek a trade involving Russell Westbrook and potentially two future first round picks and that they are holding out for a player of higher value. That player, according to Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report, happens to be Bradley Beal. One of Beal’s preferred destinations could be Los Angeles, but the question is if the Washington Wizards feel that Russell Westbrook and two futures are worth it.

Howard Beck: “Right now, the Lakers are hoping for a bigger name...If Bradley Beal is ever going to get fed up enough to ask for a trade, Los Angeles is a place that I’m told by people around the league he would go, and he’s got a no trade clause which means he could steer this thing, so that could work in the Lakers favor. The question then becomes: Is (Russell) Westbrook and two first round picks enough for Beal if that comes to pass.”