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Don’t Buy Into The Vikings Just Yet

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Beyer: “A tip of the cap to win a game, that right now, I think is the best win in the National Football League. Maybe the Eagles home win against the Vikings in Week 2 gets better and better after what Minnesota did today…this is my issue with Minnesota: you need to cash in! How long is it sustainable to win by one score? How long is it sustainable to play against a quarterback with a bum elbow? The Vikings did a lot of good things here, but I want to see it next week against Dallas…a lot had to go their way to get this win today!”

Dan Beyer and Bernie Fratto talk about the Minnesota Vikings thrilling overtime road victory in Buffalo against the Bills, and Dan says that the Vikings need to show a little bit more before we all crown them as a legitimate Super Bowl threat, even though they’re 8-1!