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Josh McDaniels Got the Dreaded ‘Vote of Confidence’

Photo: Chris Unger

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis gave his head coach, Josh McDaniels the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’ after a 2-7 start to their season. Bur both quarterback Derek Carr and star wide receiver Davante Adams have recently made public comments questioning the effort of the rest of the team. Dan thinks lack of effort falls directly on the shoulders of the head coach, and it makes him wonder if McDaniels has a handle on his team and whether he actually has what it takes to be a head coach in the NFL.

Dan Patrick: “Mark Davis came out and said, ‘Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ And Josh McDaniels got the dreaded ‘vote of confidence’ there. But if I’m an owner and I got my star players who are questioning the effort of the rest of the opens a door here for me to go, does Josh McDaniels have a handle on this team? Like, what is missing here?”