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This College Football Playoff Could Be the Most Chaotic One Yet

Photo: Mike Mulholland

Jason Smith: “This is where all of the interest sits: Tennessee at 5, LSU at 6, USC at 7, Alabama at 8 and Clemson at 9. I still feel that USC holds the key to everything... but where things can get more interesting lies deeper. If we get losses in the next few weeks from two of these three teams: USC, TCU or Clemson, you would almost have to put a one loss Ohio State or Michigan in before a two loss Clemson, USC, Alabama, or a one loss Big 12 TCU.”
Mike Harmon: “We still have more potential for cannibalization, especially with the SEC Championship pretty much set up... But this is just revealing what the Playoff is all about: putting on the best TV show and making the most money.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the latest College Football Playoff Rankings, and tell you how it can all end in complete and total chaos. Listen to the full segment above!