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Jason Smith: "Kyrie Irving Will Be A Los Angeles Laker By Christmas"

Photo: Dustin Satloff

Per reports, Brooklyn Nets PG Kyrie Irving is very close to finishing a set of prerequisites that will allow him to rejoin the team and end his suspension. Jason and Mike tell you why Brooklyn might just all be done with the superstar, and why he might be headed out West during the holiday season!

Jason Smith: “The Nets are going to find a way to send Kyrie to the Lakers. Kyrie will be controversy free, will have a fresh start with the Lakers. The desperation of the Nets and the Lakers will make this happen sooner than later. This will happen by Christmas and by Christmas Kyrie Irving will be a Los Angeles Laker."

Mike Harmon: “Can Kyrie Irving go a full season without missing extensive time or creating another piece of controversy that you’ve got to deal with and attend to. Do you have the stability of your organization to do that if you’re the Lakers? Well, sure. Because it’s the same people that made a bunch of bad decisions over a decade.”