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Deshaun Watson Can't Save This Browns Team

Cleveland Browns Training Camp

Photo: Getty Images

Thursday on 2 Pros and Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington look ahead to the return of Deshaun Watson and even though this season is already a lost cause, it's not because of poor quarterback play. The defense in Cleveland has a been a problem for a long time and will need to be fixed before the Browns are competitive in the AFC North.

Brady Quinn: "This organization is somehow, someway blind to the fact that their roster is still not intact. Even with Deshaun Watson playing well, it won't matter. Jacoby Brissett has not lit the world on fire, but he hasn't had to because they have a rushing attack, they have everything else, they've done enough offensively to give themselves a chance... I'm so tired of everyone expecting Deshaun Watson to save this team. Their defense stinks. There's nothing any quarterback or anyone can do for that offense the way their defense has played, and that's been for a long time now."