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Mike Krzyzewski: I’m In Kyrie Irving’s Corner


Legendary former Duke Blue Devils Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Mike Krzyzewski joins Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show. He talks about the importance of accountability and the culture he created at Duke. He is still involved in the program but it’s a mostly hands-off approach, only contributing when he is asked. He details the positives and negatives of social media for college athletes. And he says he doesn’t want to speak for Kyrie Irving, and only wants to help him in any way he can.

Dan Patrick: “What are we missing with Kyrie?”

Mike Krzyzewski: “You know I’d rather not speak for Kyrie. I love Kyrie. I have a great, I think a great relationship with him. He’s really smart and really talented and as a result of having this exposure, his own shoe which now Nike has stopped their relationship. You know it’s a different world and it’s tough to, unless you’re with the person all the time, it’s tough to see how all that has influenced (him). But with me, I love him, I’m in his corner and I’m there to help him if he feels I can help him.”