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Is It Jordan Love Time in Green Bay?

Photo: Patrick McDermott

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers dropped to 4-7 after another disappointing loss, this time to the Tennessee Titans in prime time. Rodgers was badly outplayed and, while he isn’t claiming his injured thumb as an excuse, it does seem to be an issue. Even though the Packers are on the hook for another $50M due to Rodgers next season, Dan wonders how much worse it needs to get before they shut him down and see what Jordan Love is made of.

Dan Patrick: “At what point do you go, ‘Do we want to put in Jordan Love?’ Now I can’t imagine Aaron Rodgers suiting up, being on the sidelines, watching Jordan Love play. I just, I can’t imagine that. I don’t know how good a cheerleader he’s going to be, or acting like a cheerleader...but at some point, does Green Bay go, ‘Jordan Love, come on in, play a little bit?’”