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Chris Broussard: "Baker Mayfield Can Still Be Valuable to an NFL Roster"

Photo: Rob Carr

Chris Broussard: “I don’t think anyone will sign him as ‘their guy’ for next season, but I do think he’ll be in the league. Although he hasn’t played well in Carolina, he has shown a sense of maturity this season. We haven’t really heard anything bad about him, and he accepted the challenge of battling it out for the starting role in training camp. Even when he got benched, he handled himself okay... I could see him going to a team to back up a clear cut starter, like Mahomes. All of the pressure will be off him, and he’ll have a chance to learn and maybe get another shot down the line. We saw that happen with Mitchell Trubisky and Marcus Mariota.”
Rob Parker: “The landscape, as we know, is there’s always going to be teams looking for a QB. I think a lot of people thought Baker would never get this opportunity with Carolina after no one jumped at the chance to trade for him, so who knows? Maybe he’ll just have to go to a team as a depth QB and wait for his chance to come up again.”

After Panthers QB Baker Mayfield’s abysmal start against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 11, The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker try to navigate what next year may hold for Baker. Do you think Baker will get another shot at a starter? Listen to the full segment above!