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Patrick Beverley Shoving Deandre Ayton Is a Nothing-Burger

Photo: Christian Petersen

There were some fireworks last night as the Phoenix Suns beat the Los Angeles Lakers and Lakers G Patrick Beverley shoved Suns C Deandre Ayton in the back as he stood over fallen teammate Austin Reaves. Doug has no problem with Beverley’s actions considering Ayton was looming over Reaves and bringing toughness and grit to the Lakers is probably the main reason the Lakers added him to the roster in the first place. He clearly wasn’t trying to injure Ayton, he was just doing his job protecting his teammate.

Doug Gottlieb: “In this particular case, I got Pat Beverley’s back...This is as much of a nothing-burger about Pat Beverley as I’ve ever seen. The problem is that Pat Beverley has established himself (with) a reputation.”