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The Unintended Consequence of Playoff Expansion

Ohio State v Michigan

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Rob Parker: "If this new 12 team format was in place, Ohio State vs. Michigan wouldn't even matter! They'd both be going, no matter what, and that's not what you want to have. As time goes on, and so many teams get involved, it will take away from these kind of matchups, where one team has a chance to advance and the other team is out. They could play this game and not even care about it, or rest people, cause they're gonna make it anyway, why should they put their better players out there in a game that doesn't matter?"
Chris Broussard: "I completely disagree. You think there's going to be a day where Ohio State vs. Michigan doesn't matter? That game is always going to matter! It is a rivalry of the highest order! Obviously, it means more if it's for the right to play for a championship, but this game will always have meaning. Coaches have been fired with great records because they couldn't beat the rival next door!"

On this edition of The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker debate what may be an unintended consequence of College Football playoff expansion moving from four teams to twelve, with Rob believing that some of the mystique may be taken away from big rivalry games! However, Chris isn't convinced that anything will take away from rivalries as heated as Ohio State vs. Michigan!