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Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Going Anywhere

Photo: Mitchell Leff

The Green Bay Packers fell to 4-8 after getting rolled by the NFL leading Philadelphia Eagles in a game where Arron Rodgers left the game with a rib injury, a week after admitting he’s been dealing with an injured thumb that needs surgery for most of the season. The calls for Jordan Love to take over for the rest of this season and next are coming hot and heavy, but Doug reminds us that Rodgers isn’t going anywhere. He is due $58M guaranteed next season so he’ll be on the field if they have to roll him out in a wheelchair.

Doug Gottlieb: “Have you looked at Aaron Rodgers contract? He’s owed $58M guaranteed next season...Jordan Love might be a little bit better than we thought, but he’s still not going to supplant Aaron Rodgers next year because of that contract.”