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Mike White Gives the Jets a Real Shot

Chicago Bears v New York Jets

Photo: Getty Images

Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to the Jets getting a decisive win against the Bears and wonder if Mike White has already put the nail in Zach Wilson's coffin as a starter in New York.

Brady Quinn: "I'll be blunt. He looked like an NFL quarterback. That was the difference, this didn't look like a guy who was confused, scrambling around trying to make a play because he can't see or he doesn't understand where he's trying to go with the football. Mike White was decisive, he was accurate and he's gonna give the Jets a shot at being a playoff team because of that style of play if he can maintain it and that's the biggest question."
LaVar Arrington: "You see visuals of the players hugging on him and laughing with him and smiling with him. Mike White was the guy that this team said needed to be in for them to have an opportunity."
Jonas Knox: "The fact that Zach Wilson was inactive, I don't know how it comes back to Zack Wilson and him being the starting quarterback there."