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Trevor Lawrence: It Was Time to Show What We Can Do

Photo: Courtney Culbreath

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He details what was said in the huddle during their game winning drive and says they were all onboard with the decision to go for the 2-point conversion to win the game. They discuss the different feeling of winning a game for the Jaguars compared to winning when he played at Clemson, as well as how he deals with the continuing questions about Urban Meyer. And he admits to growing up a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers and Peyton Manning.

Dan Patrick: “Take me into the huddle when you start that drive. Anything different said?”

Trevor Lawrence: “Honestly, the two drives before that we were down what, 19-10 on the second to last drive and I just told the guys we’ve been here before, we’ve been in this situation... We had to overcome a lot on that second to last drive to get it within a score, and then get the turnover, kick a field goal, we’re up by one. And then they go down and score and leave us like two minutes so we gotta go do it again, and there was just no panic. All the guys, it’s like, it’s time to show what we can do”