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Washington Completely Botched the Sean Taylor Memorial

Foto: Greg Fiume

Ephraim Salaam: "The Commanders just added another blunder to a seemingly endless mistake-filled tenure under Daniel Snyder. It's ridiculous."
Rob Parker: "It is amazing that they can keep botching stuff. You would think that at some point they would get it right. But if you're going to do it like this, then don't do it! You would have been better off just honoring his jersey or getting the statue done. It was a wired mannequin with black gloves, which he never wore, and soccer cleats. This was like going to the storage closet and using whatever you've got laying around. It is embarrassing. It makes no sense."

Rob Parker and Ephraim Salaam react to the Washington Commanders poorly executing their tribute to Sean Taylor, 15 years after his death.