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Jeff Saturday in Over His Head

Photo: Ethan Miller

Rob Parker:
“I don’t have a problem with Jeff Saturday, I actually love him but I’m surprised that Jeff Saturday is in the position he’s in. He managed the clock wrong at the end of the game last night. He called this a learning experience in his press conference today... It’s not a learning experience, you’re a coach in the NFL. This is why nobody else has been given this opportunity of no coaching experience then giving him this position. You can’t do it... Not just that, I’m not so sure that other people who don’t look like Jeff Saturday would get this job. I can’t sit quiet and act like it’s alright. The league has a checker past for giving people equal opportunity. “
Aaron Torres:
“I personally have no issue with this, but he’s under a bigger microscope than most people because he’s already a target for not being qualified for the job. When you’re under that much more of a microscope, people are going to criticize you no matter what.”

Tonight on The Odd Couple with Rob Parker and Aaron Torres, the guys go back and forth on the hiring of Jeff Saturday after the Colts lost 24-17 to the Pittsburgh Steelers at home last night. While the guys like Jeff Saturday as a person, they believe there were more qualified guys to take over this Colts team as head coach and not just call it a ‘tank’ season. They go in depth about his play calling and Rob brings up an interesting point about how there are other guys in the organization that deserved the job over him.