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The Hidden Factor Behind Head Coaching Hires

2020 High School Football Season Kicks Off in Tennessee

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Dan Beyer: "It's a different day in college sports. A day of transfer portal, NIL. The ability to bring in a coach that will bring eyes to your program also enhances those opportunities. You don't think there's some kid that went a camp run by Trent Dilfer that's maybe waiting in the wings, or sitting there as a second string quarterback, that's now gonna hop in the transfer portal and look at UAB because Trent Dilfer knows his game? That's absolutely going to happen. I understand that it's a different game, and it's not fair, and if you're a coach in this business and you've gone 10, 15, 20 years...they changed the rule book on you! You played by the rules, you did everything, and now the game has completely changed."

On today's edition of The Doug Gottlieb Show, Dan Beyer and Rich Ohrnberger discussed UAB's hiring of Trent Dilfer and the various factors that have led to universities and programs making the choice to bring these "inexperienced" coaches in to lead their teams, with Dan looking at recent developments in college sports as being major culprits behind the wave of hirings!