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Aaron Rodgers Has The Right Attitude

Photo: Stacy Revere

Today on The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Packers QB Aaron Rodgers saying he would love to finish the season and hopes the conversation of starting QB Jordan Love doesn’t have to happen. With the Packers not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, Chris and Rob say that’s the kind of attitude you want to hear coming from your future HOF QB.

Chris Broussard: “I want to see him play. The Packers need to see him play. But I got to be honest. If I’m Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers has the attitude he’s supposed to have. He’s one of the best to ever to spin the football. No matter how bad he or the team has been playing, he’s supposed to feel like they can run the table!"

Rob Parker: “You don’t become Aaron Rodgers and bow out before you’re eliminated. If he’s hurt, that’s one thing, but if he can play, he’s should say he’ll play as long as we are viable. If Rodgers said, go ahead play (Jordan Love), and you’re getting paid $50 million dollars and coming off of 2 MVPs — I’d be worried!”