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The 12-Team College Football Playoff Is Officially Happening

Photo: Streeter Lecka

The college football world can rejoice as the much anticipated move to a 12-team playoff starting in 2024 is officially happening now that the Rose Bowl has signed off on the plan. Rose Bowl officials had been holding out, trying to keep their New Year’s Day slot so it would still coincide with the Rose Parade, but they’ve finally caved in and agreed to participate in the new system. Since their other option was to be left out entirely, it seems like they really had no choice.

Dan Patrick: “They’ve been sitting on this for a while but the outlier, the holdout was the Rose Bowl, that they didn’t want to give up the Rose Bowl, and making sure that they were still able to play that game on New Year’s Day. They wanted New Year’s Day, same day, same time. And the Rose Bowl finally caved in and now college football will have its playoff coming up in 2024.”