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Kanye West Tried To Bring Chris Paul Down With Him

Photo: Steph Chambers

Before Kanye West was banned from Twitter for the umpteenth time, he decided to make a crazy allegation that he caught Suns superstar Chris Paul sleeping with ex-wife Kim Kardashian. This was Kanye’s attempt at trying to deflect from yet another classic case of his social media narcissism. Although Kanye’s ridiculous claim has been rebuffed by sources close to the situation (per TMZ), Covino and Rich discuss whether or not they would be so quick to address the entire world of being victims of trifling affairs.

Steve Covino: “Chris Paul is a superstar in the world of sports. He doesn’t need this. Let’s say, you had some juice on the person you were with and they cheated on you. Would you be throwing that person out there and telling everyone that was the person your significant other slept with? I don’t think there’s any truth to any of this because I would never give any guy those ‘props.’”

Rich Davis: “You think Chris Paul’s wife’s first instinct was to be in his defense of her husband or do you think his wife was more like ‘what is the meaning of this?!”