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What College Football Playoff Expansion Will Look Like

Rose Bowl - Ohio State v Oregon

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2 Pros and a Cup of Joe celebrate College Football getting the go ahead for a 12-team Playoff in 2024 thanks to an agreement with the Rose Bowl. They forecast the logistics when it comes to television rights and they wonder if this will lead to revenue sharing with the players in order to dissuade them from opting out of the Bowl games.

Brady Quinn: "The price of sponsoring these Bowls could go up and the price of hosting these bowls could go up if you're trying to provide players some compensation just for showing up and playing in general which we could get to a world where it becomes that... The TV networks are going to have to take some of that revenue that they're basically providing all these conferences for the rights, and the conferences are gonna have to share it with the players. It's such an easy model. It's out there but the problem is too many of these universities would then be looking at these players as employees and they don't want to go that route. So that's the biggest issue."