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Deshaun Watson Looked Awful in Glorified Practice

The last time Deshaun Watson played football was 700 days ago. On Sunday, he suited up, only to face off against his former team, the 1-10-1 Houston Texans Watson looked awful even in a win over his former squad amid legal trouble. Listen to what Brady Quinn, Lavar Arrington, and Jonas Knox have to say about the Deshaun Watson situation that played out this past Sunday.

Brady Quinn: “You got to flip a switch. When you go out on the field, you can get seriously injured…It almost looked like the game was too fast for him. Which was going to be the case. Good thing this was a warmup game against the worse team in the NFL, and it wasn’t close.”
LaVar Arrington: “I felt like this matchup was going to lead to a dud of a story, and it kind of lived up to the potential of it. Of course, you were going to hear fans boo. He left under extraordinary circumstances… Some people will be booed, and some will be beloved, but I did not see anything out of the norm."