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The 49ers CAN Survive Without Jimmy Garoppolo

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers

Photo: Getty Images

Jimmy Garoppolo got injured in the first quarter of the 49ers game against the Dolphins but went on to win the game anyway. We found out after the game that Garoppolo will be out for the remainder of the season. Ben Maller says that doesn't mean the 49ers are out of the race for the NFC crown.

Ben Maller: "You gotta remember, Jimmy Garoppolo is not the reason the 49ers were considered fearsome. He is what's known as 'background music.' Now granted, Garoppolo is a calming melody. However, it's not like when the Niners play with Garoppolo they need him to throw 3 TD passes and 350 yards, no, not like that at all."