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The End of Jimmy G in the Bay Area?

The 8-4 San Francisco 49ers got devastating news yesterday that their starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, suffered a season ending surgery. This leaves the Niners in a predicament amidst their playoff run. Brady Quinn, Lavar Arrington, and Jonas Knox talk about the Niners and what will happen to their championship aspirations.

Brady Quinn: “They were talking about bringing Jimmy G back (next year) …All of that got torn up in a blender with this injury... He just cannot stay healthy”
LaVar Arrington: “I just felt bad for him. They say he’s injury prone, but that injury could have happened to anyone. I felt horrible for him…Here’s what is interesting, you can’t even bring in your drafted quarterback because he’s hurt too”
Jonas Knox: “ Kyle Shanahan has spoken about Brock Purdy…He’s a big fan of him... I don’t think it’s the outside the realm of possibility to think he can be the MVP of the league.”