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Chris Broussard: Playing Center Has Allowed Anthony Davis to Dominate

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker discuss what to make of the Lakers, who have been playing very well with a significant victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. Now while they have taken a recent loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, it's hard to argue with the recent stretch of games where Anthony Davis really reminded everybody that he's a superstar in this league in a world that's lost faith due to inconsistencies with his health. Chris Broussard highlights how the success of the Lakers has very much to do with the way Anthony Davis and the Lakers are playing.

Chris Broussard: I'm looking at the way they're playing. It's not just the success, but it's the way. I've been saying this for YEARS: In today's NBA, Anthony Davis, there's no reason you shouldn't be a center unless you have a great center next to you. There's no reason you should be fearing, disdaining playing center in today's soft-as-silly-putty NBA. You ain't down there bangin? The lane is wide open! You're one of the biggest dudes in the league. In today's NBA where the four men, power forwards are typically stretch c'mon! And this year he is playing center. 98% of the time, he's playing center. And that is why he's been so dominant."