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Brittney Griner Is Free and Paul Whelan Should Be Next


WNBA star Brittney Griner has been released from a prison after spending 10 months incarcerated in Russia for possession of marijuana. Doug jokingly claims we would have been better off trading them Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder instead of the convicted arms dealer we sent back, but in all seriousness, he wonders what is going to happen to fellow American Paul Whelan who is also being detained in Russia unnecessarily. He calls out anyone who screamed from the rooftops for Brittney’s release who is now sitting on their hands and ignoring Whelan’s plight.

Doug Gottlieb: “All the same people that are like, ‘Why didn’t we trade for both?’ OK, so what you need to do is, do the hashtag free Paul Whelan. #FreePaulWhelan should be on Twitter every day until he comes home.”