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Will Rams Run a ‘Backyard’ Offense with Baker Mayfield Tonight?

Photo: Mike Comer

The Los Angeles Rams acquired QB Baker Mayfield off waivers yesterday after he was released by the Carolina Panthers and despite only being with the teams for 24 hours, reports would indicate that he may see some significant playing time and might even start. This will go down as the most unlikely story of the NFL season, and Dan and the Danettes are mystified by the possibility that anyone could retain enough information in such a short time to be able to run an NFL offense. Perhaps they’re planning on running a ‘backyard’ style offense and just calling routes in the huddle.

Dan Patrick: “I don’t know how many plays you can call and do you kind of condense the playbook here just to help him, but then you’re hurting your team in the process...and maybe it’s backyard stuff. Maybe it’s like, ‘Hey, just go down like 7 yards and then turn in...Go to the manhole cover and I’ll throw it to you.”