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Baker Mayfield Gives the Rams a Pulse

Photo: Sean M. Haffey

Baker Mayfield, after only one day of practice, entered the game in the first quarter and led the Los Angeles Rams to a comeback victory over the Las Vegas Raiders, throwing a touchdown pass with 10 seconds on the clock for the win. Hollywood couldn’t have scripted a better debut for the Rams new QB, and while Dan cautions fans not to get their hopes up, he admits that Mayfield at least gives the Rams a slim chance to salvage their season.

Dan Patrick: “I think we gotta be careful here because it’s a stand-alone game and that’s where you go, ‘Yep, the Rams have found their quarterback.’ Now, did I love the addition of Baker Mayfield? Absolutely, because you gave up nothing...But Baker Mayfield, he’s going to get another week to learn the playbook there. They still aren’t a very good offense because of the injuries there, but he at least gives you a pulse.”