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Dak Doesn't Inspire Confidence in the Cowboys

Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington try to make sense of why the Cowboys, who sit near the top of the standings in the NFC, struggled so mightily against the league worst Houston Texans.

Jonas Knox: "Why the hell do the Dallas Cowboys have one of these games every year, or a couple of these games every year? What is the most plausible explanation for why that happened yesterday at home against the awful Houston Texans, who were rotating quarterbacks like they were rotating interior linemen during that game?"
Brady Quinn: "The one constant is Dak's their quarterback... Maybe you say it's Jerry Jones and the culture that he's created there because it's it's been like this for awhile. Like, a team with so many talented players, yet they have one of those games that makes you scratch your head.
Or maybe you want to chalk it up to the fact it's the NFL and this league is built for parity. Even the worst team in the Houston Texans can go on the road and play one of the better teams tough. Ultimately, the Cowboys still won this game but these are the types of games that every single year it makes you lose any faith in Dallas doing anything once they get to the playoffs."