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Father Time Has Caught Up to Tom Brady

Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington recap the Niners beatdown of the Bucs where Tom Brady finally looked like an old man at the end of his career and the Bucs looked like a below average team, worse than even the Lions who share the same record.

Brady Quinn: "This is a 45 year old Tom Brady, who in a year's time looks a lot different. And now he's a good decision maker, he obviously still can distribute the football... but whatever the case is, Father Time is finally catching up." 
Jonas Knox: "They've got the same record as the Detroit Lions and they feel like completely different franchises, just heading in completely different directions."
LaVar Arrington: "Because there's completely different expectations too. You don't have an expectation for Detroit like you do for Tampa. We're expecting Tampa to snap out of it, like, 'When are you going to snap out of it?' Well, what if they're not going to snap out of it?"
Brady Quinn: "I'll give you that Tom Brady in the playoffs makes you go, 'Oh, he's obviously got a shot. It's Tom Brady.' Not this team, man. I'm sorry."