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Jason Smith: Mac Jones is Just a Guy

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills

Photo: Getty Images North America

The New England Patriots came into Glendale and beat a depleted Arizona Cardinals. Quarterback Mac Jones got the job done but didn’t look spectacular. Jason Smith and Mike Harmon talk about how Jones is just a “guy” and nothing incredible.

Jason Smith: “Mac Jones isn't that good. He's not dynamic... He's someone who is just, okay, he's a rookie or he's a second-year player on a rookie deal that if you had an unbelievably unbeatable team, could Mac Jones be okay? Yeah, but the Patriots are the team that Jones plays on. So the Patriots, even if they find a way to squeak into the playoffs, you got a month left to go and everybody's 7-6. How far are they really going to go? How far? Because Mac Jones is just a guy. You over-drafted him. You thought he was going to be a star. You thought you can win with this guy and maybe he's the next Tom Brady. And you were just wrong. He is just a guy. Brady continues to get propped up. Mac Jones. He is just a guy. Just. A. Guy.”