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One Play Could Have Ended the Kyler Murray-Kliff Kingsbury Experiment

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals

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Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to Kyler Murray's non-contact injury that many assume is a torn ACL. With the Cardinals season now in the rearview mirror, the guys question whether or not the Cardinals change directions, similar to what they did with Josh Rosen and Steve Wilks.

Jonas Knox: "There's a real likelihood that one play last night ended the Kliff-Kyler experiment in Arizona. They're a four-win team, then you go on to next year and without Kyler Murray who this offense is built around and the organization is basically built around, you're gonna have to try and figure out how to win at least half your games next year. It just feels like that one play last night put an end to the entire thing."
Brady Quinn: "You find yourself without your starting quarterback the rest of the season. I have no idea what that means for what the record is going to be, but bad owners panic. Bad owners fire everyone and they want to move on, they want to start fresh after one down season. After the previous three, you built up to that point to become 11-6. So I I think if Michael Bidwill is smart and if he's patient, he'll see through this, they'll get to next year and then we'll see if this happens a second year in a row. If it does, okay, then you can make some changes, but you hit the eject button now, I think it's one of the biggest mistakes owners make is letting one year dictate the course of many seasons to come."
LaVar Arrington: "It's profound but I think we do know it's real and there's a very real possibility that they hit the eject button on Kingsbury."