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The Arizona Cardinals Are Beyond Repair

Photo: Christian Petersen

Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray went down with what is being reported as an ACL injury and it looks like he’s done for the remainder of the season. Now, they weren’t likely to make the playoffs this season, but this type of injury to a quarterback who relies on his legs as much as Murray does calls into question his entire future career. And Murray signed a 5-year contract this offseason which will keep him in Arizona until 2028 which makes the idea of rebuilding the team nearly impossible. And even though Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury is on the hot seat, firing him doesn’t make sense. Losing Murray at this juncture may set the Cardinals back years.

Doug Gottlieb: “What are you going to do now, are you going to fire Kliff Kingsbury? Even though (Kyler Murray) will play next year, we don’t know how mobile he’ll be or how confident he’ll be...The Cardinals lost last night, and I don’t know how to fix the Cardinals.”