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The Clippers Will Make It To The NBA Finals If Kawhi Leonard Is Healthy

Photo: Rob Carr

Today on The Odd Couple, Rob Parker and Super Producer Robert Guerra discuss Kawhi Leonard’s progress from a partially torn ACL in 2021. Kawhi had arguably his best game of the season since rehabbing his knee and the guys explain to you why or why not Clippers fans should be excited about a productive and seemingly healthy Leonard.

Rob Parker: “If I’m a clippers fan today, I’m welcoming what I saw from Kawhi Leonard. To me, Kawhi was basically dead, gone, and forgotten. Now I look at him and say, wow, he’s viable! If he and Paul George stay healthy, and can just make it to the playoffs, they’re going to the NBA Finals!”
Robert Guerra: “The problem with Kawhi not taking the regular season seriously is that you subconsciously skip steps. It can’t always be about the destination and not the journey. I don’t trust the Clippers, unless they start taking the regular season more seriously.”