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NBA MVP Award Should’ve Been Named 'The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Trophy'

Photo: Jason Miller

The NBA announced it has renamed a number of their awards, including the MVP now being the “The Michael Jordan Trophy for the Most Valuable Player.” Dan says it feels like, by doing this, the NBA has officially weighed in the greatest of all-time debate and LeBron James is no longer in the conversation. What’s worse, they failed to consider Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who is the only player to have won more MVP trophies than Jordan. But they’ve got everybody talking about it so it’s a win for the NBA no matter how you look at it.

Dan Patrick: “Do we need to give Mike something else? I mean, he’s got everything. How about Kareem, who won more MVP’s than Michael Jordan did? Kareem’s not marketable. Michael is still marketable...It just feels strange that Michael is going to be the MVP Trophy even though Kareem had more MVP’s.”