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Ben Maller: This is the Baker Mayfield I Remember

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Week 15 of the NFL season closed out with a Monday Night Football game between the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers in the coldest of temperatures at Lambeau Field. Baker Mayfield took the field for a second time for the Rams and was looking to replicate what he did a week ago against the Raiders. Ben Maller talks about his performance.

Ben Maller: “The word is underwhelming. That is the word. Watching Baker Mayfield play. The performance was rancid. And even though this game was played in prime time with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, Baker Mayfield provided a lounge act at quarterback and showed you why he is gone from the Browns to the Panthers to the Rams in a calendar year, playing for three different teams because of those type of performances. It's Sean McVay throwing stuff against the wall. At this point, the Rams aren't going anywhere, so they're trying different things. And he attempted, which is very odd, I thought, strategically to play the schoolyard game of hide and seek with Baker Mayfield…”