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Scary Terry Play Shows Inconsistency in Officiating

Washington Commanders v New York Giants

Photo: Getty Images North America

Sunday Night Football ended the night with controversy. Commanders’ wide receiver Terry McLaurin had a controversial play involving an official calling him offsides, but before calling it the official said he was fine on the line of scrimmage. LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, and Jonas Knox talk about what officiating means to the future of the game.

Brady Quinn: “I don't know what I'm getting from these officiating groups. By and large, in one week, it's a lot of penalties, and the next week they let them play. Just make it consistent so that everyone knows. Not only the players and the coaches but also the fans and people watching know what kind of game they're getting themselves into.”
LaVar Arrington: “I think it's a great point. You know, I almost feel like we should move into the lanes of artificial intelligence because then people won't have to villainize referees. I feel like referees are a necessary evil connected to sports. It's like you never will understand how much the value of referees are to the game unless you don’t have them. Do you know what I mean? You must always factor referees into games. That's why there's always the old adage or the old saying, don't let referees dictate the outcome of the game…”