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Tom Brady is Responsible for Derailing the Buccaneers’ Season

Photo: Douglas P. DeFelice

Rob Parker: “If the Buccaneers don’t make the playoffs, Todd Bowles should be fired! It has a lot to do with the way he’s handled the team this year. He lost control of this team early, with the way the Tom Brady situation was handled. You can say, ‘Well, he’s won seven championships, so he should be allowed to do whatever he wants.’ No! That’s not good for a team, and Bowles allowed Tom Brady to undermine him and let other players question him. It’s one thing if they were winners this season, but they haven’t. They look horrible most games. They look like they’ve been distracted by Tom Brady’s antics: missing training camp, his divorce, going to a party a few nights before a game. Todd Bowles, you were star-struck by Tom Brady, and neglected the other 52 guys on the roster... You can’t make special treatment for one guy.”
Chris Broussard: “I agree with you. Tom Brady has undermined the authority of this coaching staff time after time after time this year. Most recently, there was the whole thing about him reportedly altering the game plan the night before a game... Before Brady came back, he approached ownership, not Todd Bowles. So he has a line above Bowls when it comes to the hierarchy of the team. I don’t think Bowls was cool with Brady missing those 11 days in training camp. There’s no way Bruce Arians or Bill Belichick would’ve allowed that to happen.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Dan Graziano’s most recent column, stating that the Buccaneers have no intention of firing HC Todd Bowles following a rough season. It’s the first time Tom Brady’s career that his team has had eight losses in a season, but Tampa still feels that Bowls is the guy. Chris and Rob debate whether the Buccaneers should blame their woes on Tom Brady, or Todd Bowls. Listen to the full segment above!