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Kevin Durant Is The Most Sensitive Of All-Time

Photo: Jamie Squire

Not one to shy about his feelings on social media and in exclusive interviews, Nets superstar Kevin Durant said it bothered him that major focus was on him when Golden State won the NBA title in 2022 and that Steph Curry would prove to be better than him if Golden State won their 4th championship. Chris and Rob explain to you how this is typical Durant and tends to lean into the typical banter with fans and media alike.

Rob Parker: “This is just typical Kevin Durant. I’m not moved by it. I don’t think he did anything that’s off script for him. He’s very sensitive about who he is and what people think, so this all falls in line with who he is. It’s funny because it doesn’t appear to affect him as far as his play, but he does worry about how people view him. He’s the most-sensitive-of-all-time!"

Chris Broussard: “I don’t think he’s sensitive and I’m in the minority. I think if he was sensitive, he wouldn’t engage with anyone on social media and then is able to still play at the highest level!”