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The Mets Are The New Evil Empire Of Baseball

Photo: Michael Reaves

With the Mets signing SS Carlos Correa for a reported 12-year $315 million dollar contract, Mets owner Steve Cohen now has to pay up to $111 million dollars in luxury tax payments on top of a boasting $384 million dollars in estimated payroll. Covino and Rich tell you why Cohen’s pockets are so deep that the Mets are the new evil empire of the MLB!

Rich Davis: “I wonder if Met fans now have to have the mentality that their team is now the new evil empire in baseball. Steve Cohen was a fan, he bought the team, has what seems like endless pockets. He doesn’t care that he’s paying $100 million dollars in luxury tax! For all the years people say the Yankees and Dodgers are trying to buy a championship —go for it, buy it! Everyone else is jealous that their owners are poor!”
Steve Covino: “How did the Giants find something peculiar in the physical and all of a sudden the Mets are like, ‘Alright we’ll sign him,’ and you’re not worried about maybe theres something wrong with this guy? There’s something more to this!”