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Michael Lombardi: The Raiders' Season Can Be Both on McDaniels and Carr

Photo: Jeff Bottari

Today on The Dan Patrick Show, Doug Gottlieb and Rob Parker, in for Dan and the Danettes, welcome in longtime NFL Executive/Analyst Michael Lombardi. Lombardi discusses Jeff Saturday's presence within the Colts organization, the firing of Nathaniel Hackett, and lends his insight on who assumes liability for the Raiders disappointing season — Josh McDaniels or Derek Carr?

Rob Parker: “I can’t believe how bad the Raiders have been this year with the job Josh McDaniels has done with all the blown leads. Everybody doesn’t make a good head coach. If you’re going say the players aren’t making the plays, then we can’t glorify the coaches when the players do make the plays. So which one is it?”

Michael Lombardi: “It’s both. The Raiders are in all the games. It’s not all Derek Carr’s fault. But when you’re paying someone $30 million a year, you have to make the plays to win the game. You got to have the right call and right play. Is it the fault of a coach? Of course, they have to assume liability. Fault of the player? Absolutely. Is the coaching great? No. But they’ve also had plays on the tape that they just don’t make.”