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Sean Payton Is Creating a Market for Himself

Photo: Cindy Ord

The rumor-mill has started up concerning Sean Payton’s future NFL head coaching job prospects, but Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington aren’t falling for the bait. They believe he’s the one encouraging interest in his services (despite still being under contract with the New Orleans Saints) in order to keep himself top-of-mind for any NFL owners looking to make a change. It will also put pressure on his broadcast partners if he’s getting significant offers from NFL teams. He's setting himself up as the 'trophy coach' who can name his own salary, as a coach or a broadcaster.

Jonas Knox: "It just doesn’t stop. Every single day there’s some other rumor when it comes to Sean Payton."

Brady Quinn: "I look at it and just kind of wonder if this is more Sean Payton trying to create a market for himself."

LaVar Arrington: "You create a market for entry to get this job in the National Football League, wherever that may be, amongst the owners. Everybody’s going to chirp about it. Who can get Sean Payton, who can land the trophy coach...?"