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Raiders May Lose Davante Adams over Derek Carr’s Benching

Photo: Ethan Miller

Steve Covino and Rich Davis (Covino & Rich) are in for DP and the Danettes again today and they react to Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams comments regarding the benching of his quarterback, Derek Carr. It’s clear one of the main reason Adams left Green Bay was to come play with Carr, and it’s not a stretch to think he might demand a trade if Carr is no longer with the team.

Rich Davis: “Davante Adams, if the Raiders aren’t careful Covino, he might say, ‘Yeah, I demand a trade, I don’t want to be here. I came here for that guy. I left my scenario in Green Bay. I was chillin’, eating cheese curds, doing Lambeau Leaps, hanging with Aaron Rodgers, and I left that to come here and now you all messed it up!’”

Steve Covino: “People gotta look out for themselves sometimes, so what’s Derek Carr supposed to do...worry about Adams in this situation?”