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TCU’s Success Is Proof of Opportunity Meeting Preparation

Photo: Christian Petersen

Today on The Dan Patrick Show, Dan and the Danettes recap the spectacular CFP Semifinals that took place over the holiday break. Ohio State’s missed FG late against Georgia capped a wild finish to the Peach Bowl, which in Dan’s eyes, would’ve been one of the great moments in CFP history. Despite TCU being 13.5 point underdogs against Georgia in the National Championship, Dan explains why he likes the opportunities schools like TCU is presented with by playing on the national stage.

Dan Patrick: “If Ohio State had made the field goal, then it would’ve been one of the great moments in college football history. I did think Ohio State was better than Georgia. TCU answered everything you could ask for against Michigan. I always worry that when you have a story like TCU, you have a story like Cincinnati last year when you go, ‘Oh, God. Just don’t get blown out.’ Because, I still like the opportunity for these schools where you’re not even sure where TCU is!”