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Adrian Murrell: “Damar Hamlin's Incident Can Help Unify Owners and NFLPA"

Photo: Kirk Irwin

Adrian Murrell: “As a player, you never think that number is going to be called for you. I think (the Bills) are going to refocus, and are going to play for him. They know what’s at stake and they have an excellent football team. I think they’ll be back and put this behind them, but I think this particular game would’ve been difficult for them to play on... I would also love to see more of a partnership between the ownership and the players association, like the NBA has. This is a moment that they can use, and as a former player, we all feel the same angst about the player’s association. Hopefully some of the current players can step up and be more vocal about the safety of the game and more things we need as players.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker are joined by former NFL running back Adrian Murrell, who was a player during the infamous 1997 game where Lions LB Reggie Brown broke his neck and had to receive CPR on the field. Murrell recalled the urgency of medical professionals to assist Brown, and said the response Bills S Damar Hamlin received after he collapsed on Monday Night Football was eerily similar. Murrell also said owners and the player’s union could use this moment as an opportunity to improve player safety. Listen to the full interview above!