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Stop Trying to Reschedule Bills/Bengals Game

Photo: Timothy T Ludwig

Now that we’ve gotten past the shock of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s injury, speculation about how the NFL will handle the missed game is rampant. Should they reschedule it? Call it a tie? Or move on without a result and seed the playoffs based on winning percentage? Considering the circumstances there is no solution that will be fair to everyone involved, so Doug believes we should just call it a day and move on without a result.

Doug Gottlieb: “I understand it’s not equitable for the Bills and the Bengals to play 16 games (while) everybody else plays 17 games...If we go back and try and fix this and remedy just can’t. It’s a tragic situation. This is the best we can do. Play the final weekend’s games and then just seed the teams.”