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Sean McVay Has Plenty of Time To Be An Old Guy

Photo: Katelyn Mulcahy

Covino and Rich discuss the TV interest in Rams HC Sean McVay. Rich thinks that the former SB Champ should retire young, make some money in broadcasting at the age of 36, and then come back to coaching if he wants to because he’s still young. Covino thinks it’s a weenie move and that McVay should be on the field for the game he loves while he’s young and in the spotlight!

Rich Davis: “Sean McVay should dip away while he's a young champion, make money in TV, and then go coach in the NFL and be a top-10 head coach in the league when you come back!”

Steve Covino: “That’s a weenie move! McVay has plenty of time to be an old guy. Be on the field for the game you love while you’re a young man!”