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The Fallout over the Cancelled Bill/Bengals Game Is Still Undetermined

Photo: Dylan Buell

More great news for the recovery of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s recovery as he is now breathing on his own and has been speaking with teammates, family and friends. Dan encourages us to remain cautious despite the news considering his full recovery is far from assured. Meanwhile, the business of football must resume and NFL owners still need to agree to an adjusted playoff format. Dan lays out exactly what the owners will be voting on, and which teams may get hosed as the inevitable fallout from the cancelled game is still being determined.

Dan Patrick: “We’re thrilled that you got great news, we got great news on Damar Hamlin, now you have to look at the business side of this, and that is the playoff scenario, they’re going to vote on this. Also the possibility of having the AFC title game on a neutral site, or do they decide it with a coin toss of who would have home-field advantage if it’s Kansas City and Buffalo. There’s a lot still out there to be decided.”